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What are Incoterms?

Incoterms are standardized terms of trade for goods in international trade. By using standardized terms we hope to simplify what could be a quite complicated transaction. The Incoterms used in 2020 are:

  • EXW (Ex Works)
  • FCA (Free Carrier)
  • CPT (Carriage Paid to)
  • CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)
  • DAP (Delivered at Place)
  • DPU (Delivered at Place Unloaded)
  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
  • FAS (Free Alongside Ship)
  • FOB (Free On Board)
  • CFR (Cost and Freight)
  • CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight)

Currently we prefer to sell using the DAP incoterm in the USA. For more information on Incoterms visit the website of the International Chamber of Commerce.