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Safety vests bespoke printed

High visibility gear helps the wearer to get noticed in low visibility situations, like at night or bad weather. More and more countries demand drivers to have a high visibility jacket in their car at all times, for their personal safety during accidents or breakdowns. Many workers and volunteers in situations facing traffic are required to wear high visibility clothes. For cyclist, walkers, runners and many others on the streets between dusk and dawn it might not be required to be visible, but it just makes a lot of sense.

We supply safety gear complying with the EN 471 and the EN ISO20471 norm, please ask for our advice if needed. Main difference for the safety vests is that EN ISO20471 mandates both 2 vertical and 2 horizontal stripes on each high-viz jacket. Make sure your personal safety wear complies with the law and other legal requirements.

All our items can be manufactured to your wishes and printed with your logo or artwork. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Please check some of our products below for a quick quote with price and delivery time for bespoke high visibility gear or contact us for more information on items you might require.

Safety vests